Four Hot Sales Reflective Fabric

Sep 2, 2019 in NEW PRODUCTS

Our factory has attached great importance onto this kind market trend, we also have developed some new reflective fabrics to meet our customers' various demands.

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New Arrival Of Rainbow Reflective Printing Fabric

Jun 28, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

With the improvement of people’s safety awareness, reflective material's application fields are more and more widely.

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Quality improvements for rainbow reflective fabric

Aug 1, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

The rainbow reflective fabric becomes more and more popular due to its attractive iridescent reflective effects against light in dark or low light condition.

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Rainbow Reflective Fabric & Heat Transfer Vinyl

Jan 30, 2019 in NEW PRODUCTS

Rainbow reflective material also called iridescent or neon reflective material has been the new favorite of the fashion world.

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Chinastars Outer Shell Reflective Fabric

Jul 6, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

As the largest reflective fabric manufacturer in China, Chinastars has developed various outer shell reflective fabric featuring in the fashion collections and outdoor sportswear, to provide safety solutions to worldwide PPE as well as fashion companies.

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Techtextil 2019-Chinastars iridescent reflective fabric will be exhibited in the Material Gallery

May 15, 2019 in NEW PRODUCTS

In this event, Chinastars rainbow reflective fabric has been selected and will be exhibited in the

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5 Popular Reflective Vests In European Market

Oct 8, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

Here is a list of 5 popular and practical reflective safety vests for reference. Hope it might be workable for you.

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Reflective printing heat transfer vinyl

Sep 10, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

Based on the special requirement, Chinastars under developing reflective printing heat transfer vinyl, we made the pattern on regular heat transfer vinyl, clients can choose the pattern they like, and order the procedure is same as regular heat transfer vinyl we have, like CS-4003, CS-400E.

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New reflective fabric for outer shell

Jul 4, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

Last week, chinastars technical team developing one new reflective fabric for garment outer shell----low reflective fabric with item no. CSRG-B102-XF75BP.

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Chinastars Reflective Edging

Chinastars Reflective Edging

Apr 25, 2017 in NEW PRODUCTS

Chinastars reflective piping is available with different widths and colors, to meet various customers' requirements.

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Perforated Reflective Tape or heat transfer film

Perforated Reflective Tape or heat transfer film

Jan 27, 2015 in NEW PRODUCTS

The perforated unique pattern can be applied to all kinds of reflective tape or reflective heat transfer film, which can be either sewn on or heated on clothing.

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Chinastars Reflective printing fabrics

Mar 20, 2017 in NEW PRODUCTS

Now on the market there are mainly three types of reflective printing fabric. So what are the differences?

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New Reflective Clothing Designs At NSC Trade Show

Oct 24, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

As a professional manufacturer, Chinastars will attend the NSC exhibition with new reflective safety clothing which is quite different from traditional ANSI 107 standard garment designs during 22nd to 24th Oct.

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Perforated FR reflective tape

Feb 25, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

Chinastars FR reflective tape is certified by UL to meet the standard of ANSI/NFPA 2112, CSA Z96, NFPA 1971 and ANSI/ISEA 107.

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Why use sticky base reflective heat transfer vinyl

Aug 31, 2018 in NEW PRODUCTS

A reflective brand logo could lighten the outdoor jacket, it also could destroy your brand if the heat transfer logo quality is poor. The reflective heat transfer film quality is quite important and it is essential to choose the right and suitable quality of reflective heat transfer film.

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Certified silver reflective fabric for Industrial wash

Certified silver reflective fabric for Industrial wash

Jan 27, 2015 in NEW PRODUCTS

Our newly developed CSR 1303-G silver reflective fabric meets the most stringent washing requirements, it can sustain 25 cycles of industrial washes at 85 degree Celsius, 50 cycles of dry cleanings and 100 cycles of domestic washes.

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Light and ultra Soft reflective fabric

Light and ultra Soft reflective fabric

Jan 27, 2015 in NEW PRODUCTS

The Chinastars ultra soft reflective fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable, and is very suitable for using as main fabric on outdoor clothing

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