Retro Reflective Fabric for clothing
Retro Reflective Fabric for clothing


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Reflective fabric is produced by special coating technology and composed of base fabric, adhesives and micro glass beads. The core technology of reflective lies in the semi-coated micro glass beads using aluminum.

Reflective Fabric Application
Make any fashion products you can imagine with reflective fabric

Top 6 Trending Reflective Fabrics for Your Fashion Brand

Explode with bright colors,
spanning the entire rainbow spectrum

Instead of coating aluminum, rainbow reflective fabric coated a special chemical on the surface of micro glass beads, so it can reflect in multi-color rainbow visual effect whenever light shines on. By controlling the thickness of the coated chemical, it shows different rainbow patterns.

  • Multi-Color Rainbow Striped Pattern

  • Blue-Purple Full Width Pattern

  • Fabric Pattern / Transparent Blue-Purple Full Width Pattern Reflective Fabric

    Transparent Blue-Purple Full Width Pattern

  • Fabric Pattern / Transparent Blue-Purple Full Width Pattern Reflective Fabric

    Nighttime Emit Green Light and Reflect In Rainbow Pattern

Custom reflective patterns,
make limitless design possibilities

Made with Chinastars patented coating technology, reflective printing fabric is designed for breathable performance, both the base fabric and coated reflective patterns can be customized. The patterns are continuous with full width up to 140cm.

  • reflective printing patterns

    With different coating compounds, the reflective patterns can be silver, rainbow or in any colors as requested.

  • reflective printing compare

    We offer high-quality-printing and economical-printing reflective technology, both customizable with high reflectivity as well as good washing performance.

Some of our available patterns

Find More Patterns
Elevate your look with unique glow
and reflective designs

Customize your glow-in-the-dark fabric with various base fabrics, colors, printed patterns, and even combine it with reflective materials to create a dual glowing effect, adding fashionable charm in any light.

  • Luminous Fabric Custom base fabrics and patterns

    Luminous Fabric - Custom base fabrics & patterns

  • Luminous Rainbow Reflective Fabric Custom printed patterns

    Luminous Rainbow Reflective Fabric - Custom printed patterns

More Glow Fabrics
Ultra soft, light-weighted and highly visible

Silver reflective fabric is definitely the most economical and highly recognizable reflective fabric in the market. We have diverse backing cloth to choose from, such as polyester taffeta, nylon, chiffon, spandex or other knitted fabrics etc. custom or appointed backing cloth is also workable. Different backing cloth features different hand feelings and performances.

  • Soft Printing Reflective Fabric

    Reflective fabric can also be printed or heat transferred with customized patterns to be more fashionable and diversified.

  • It can also be perforated to allow better ventilation and be more breathable, ideal for multi-sports use.

Not only silver,
try more possibilities with color reflective fabric

Diversified colors are very important in fashion design. Now silver is no longer your only option for reflective designs, with different manufacturing techniques, color reflective fabrics featuring in different properties are available for choosing as per requirements.

  • Color Reflective Fabric Customize

    Custom colors are available upon request.

  • Manufactured with upgraded techniques, Chinastars new color reflective fabric with soft frosted feeling is more durable, wear-resistant and cold-resistant to -30°C.

Gradual change of color,
perfect combination with silver and color reflections

Gradient reflective fabric uses special technology that allows gradual transition from colored to silver reflective fabric, and from low reflectivity to high reflectivity. The seamless transformation on color and reflectivity makes the fabric brighter, more fashionable and dynamic.

  • Gradient Reflective Fabric Customize

    Color and the width and relative position of silver part can be changed as per requested.

  • As we introduced above the transparent rainbow reflective fabric, we can also have gradient base fabric coated with a transparent rainbow layer, to be more creative and diverse.

Explore More Info of Chinastars Reflective Fabric

Feel free to send us your interested reflective fabrics by submitting below form. We provide free samples for you to make sample clothes or check our quality before you place the order. Our experienced sales team can guide you through the whole process as we have been exporting worldwide for more than 20 years.

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Catalogue

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Catalogue

Application of outdoor reflective fabric

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Catalogue

Data detail of outdoor reflective fabric

What is reflective fabric used for?

Reflective fabric is initially designed mainly for workwear, especially for road construction workers working on highways, it’s important for them to be seen by drivers at night as thousands of cars passing them by as they are working. Firefighters also need to have FR reflective tape on the uniform to make them easier spotted in the dark with heavy smoke.

reflective material manufacturer
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Several years ago, reflective fabric began to be widely used on school uniform, backpacks, dog collars, hats for safety purpose. As reflective fabric can enable your kids, pets or other wearers be easily noticed on the street in the dark or rainy days.

Now in recent years, reflective fabric has been a new fashion trend, widely used in casual wear, fashion wear, backpacks, pet jacket and much more, not as accessory material, but as main fabric.

Why should we wear reflective clothing?

Now as more and more people are taking exercises after dinner, whether you are heading out for a stroll, a night running or bike riding, safety is still your No.1 priority. Many accidents are caused by insufficient visibility of cyclist, pedestrians or joggers moving along the road. It’s important that you always keep yourself visible to drivers, giving them the best chance of recognizing you instantly.

Actually many researches have shown that the cyclists or pedestrians do know the benefits of wearing reflective clothing, but they choose not to. As the traditional reflective vests or jackets don’t fit well their needs of being fashionable on the road. But now you have additional options. As more reflective fabrics are targeting the fashion market, we are always evolving. Now reflective clothing can look good & fashion and keep you visible & safe in the meanwhile.

wear reflective clothes at night

Why choose Chinastars reflective fabric?

  • reflective fabric industry for decades of years

    Decades of Experience

    Our technical team has been engaged in the industry for decades of years. We are the supplier of many well-known enterprises. We’re able to create world-class solutions that incorporate more than just the latest technology.

  • Research and Development

    Continuous R&D Efforts

    As the leading manufacturer focused on reflective fabric, Chinastars is dedicated to develop trendy fabric using up-to-date technology, to offer designers new options to integrate safety and fashion. Up to now, we have achieved more than 170 patents.

  • Eco-friendly Reflective Fabric

    Eco-friendly Products

    Chinastars respond quickly to market demands. Our reflective fabrics are eco-friendly, certified to meet Oeko-tex 100 and REACH. We have been exporting worldwide for more than 18 years.

  • Reflective Fabric Quality Control

    Quality Control

    We examine every meter of reflective fabric to ensure the best surface condition. We do 25 times of washing tests on each sample to ensure every batch has qualified washing performance. We spot check the reflectivity of 9 different positions in every batch. We follow strict quality control to have you rest assured with our quality.

How to observe the reflective effect?

Once you get our reflective products, how to check the reflective effect indoors with your phone? Follow the below steps:

Method 1
  1. 1. Open the camera app on your phone and choose video mode.
  2. 2. Turn on the flashlight under video mode.
  3. 3. Keep a distance (arm length) with the sample.
  4. 4. Put the phone close to your eyes and observe.
Method 2
  1. 1. Open the camera app on your phone.
  2. 2. Turn on the flashlight under photo mode.
  3. 3. Keep a distance (arm length) with the sample and take a photo.
how to watch the effect of rainbow reflective fabric

How to restore Reflective Fabric before or during garment manufacturing?

  1. 1. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Recommended to Keep them in the environment of below 80 °F and lowering than 70% relative humidity.
  2. 2. Do not wipe the surface of reflective fabric with acid or alkali. Avoid soak in acid or alkaline solutions for long time.
  3. 3. Water-cooled air conditioner is not suitable for garment factory. Garment is recommended to be dried or dehumidified before bagging. If the cloth is dampened or steam ironed, be sure to let it air-dry in time.
  4. 4. Workers are suggested to wear gloves during production process to avoid possible blemishes. Meanwhile, machine oil or other corrosive liquids shall be kept away from reflective fabric.

For more detailed precautions in PDF file, please feel free to contact us.

wear gloves to touch the reflective fabric

How to wash reflective fabric?

It’s important that you wash the reflective fabric or any reflective products made of it following the below instructions, as reflective fabric is very sensitive to multiple factors including temperature, PH or mechanical actions.

  1. Wipe out the stains instead of wash the whole clothing
    Wipe out the stains on reflective fabric

    If there are any dirt position, you may not need to wash the whole clothing, try to wipe the dirt spot with a wet towel gently, if you have alcohol at hand, dip the towel in it and gently rub the surface of reflective fabric, it helps to remove the stains.

  2. Read carefully the manufacturer’s label instructions before wash
    wash and care instructions

    Read the wash and care instructions on the reflective clothing. What do the washing icons on the clothing mean?

  3. If possible, choose hand wash instead of machine wash
    hand wash reflective products

    Choose hand wash if possible, use cold water and mild neutral detergent. Soak the clothes completely, and use a cotton cloth or a sponge to wipe gently on the surface. Hand scrub softly, do not use brush, the micro glass beads will be washed off.

  4. If machine wash, choose delicate cycle, use neutral detergent in cold water
    machine wash reflective products

    If you really need to wash it in a washer, turn to the “delicate” cycle option, water temperature should be controlled within 30 degrees. choose neutral laundry detergent for washing, and don’t use fabric softener or bleach.

  5. When machine wash, wash it inside out, avoid rough fabrics or edges.

    Remember to turn it inside out. Avoid to wash it with clothing with rough fabrics or edges, as the reflective fabric can be easily worn off. Also don’t wash it together with dark clothing, as they might bleed and affect the reflectivity.

  6. Line dry in the shade or tumble dry in low temperature

    Don’t wring or spin, Hang and dry in a cool place. Don’t expose under direct sunlight. If machine dry, set in lowest temperature, once complete, take out the garment immediately. The added heat may damage the reflective fabric.

  7. Don’t Iron, use a steamer to remove the wrinkles
    use streamer to remove wrinkles

    Don’t iron. The reflective fabric can be damaged by the extreme heat. If you really want to get the wrinkles off, then you can use a steamer instead and line dry it after.

  8. how to wash reflective fabric

    Hope you have learned the do’s and don’ts of washing reflective fabric and clothing. Any questions, pls feel free to contact us.

    Friendly Tips for Designer: Reflective fabric is not suitable for parts with direct skin contact such as collar or lining. It will cause an uncomfortable feeling when contacting directly with skin.

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