Gradient Reflective Fabric

The seamless transformation of color and reflectivity, makes the gradient fabric more attractive, fashionable and dynamic.

Gradient Color Change,
Bi-Color Reflective

Rainbow Gradient Pattern Reflective Fabric

Rainbow Gradient Pattern

Color-Silver Gradient Pattern Reflective Fabric

Color-Silver Gradient Pattern

Gradient Rainbow Reflective Fabric

Gradient Rainbow Reflective Fabric

In daylight, the fabric appears as a normal gradient print, with the transparent rainbow coating blending seamlessly. At night, when light shines on it, the fabric reflects a stunning rainbow glow, enhancing its fashion-forward appeal and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Tailored Gradient Colors and Width.
  • Poly/TC, Backing Fabric Customizable.
  • Stunning Rainbow Reflection Under Light.

Soft and light-weighted

Gradient rainbow reflective fabric is ideal for outdoor garments and fashion wear.

  • Gradient Rainbow Down Jacket
  • Gradient Rainbow Down Jacket
  • Gradient Rainbow Light Pink Jacket
  • Gradient Rainbow Light Pink Jacket
Color-Silver Gradient Reflective Fabric Customize

Color-Silver Gradient Reflective Fabric

Seamless transformation from colored to silver reflective, and from low reflectivity to high reflectivity. The perfect combination of silver and color reflections creates a unique reflective effect.

Color-Silver Gradient Reflective Fabric

Flexible color options

Colors are customizable to meet your various requirements.

Gradual Change of Color

Ideal for designing safety products and high visibility apparel.

  • Gradient Down Jacket
  • Gradient Down Jacket
  • Gradient Light Black Silver Jacket
  • Gradient Green Silver Sports Pants

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Outdoor Reflective Fabric Series

  • Rainbow Reflective Fabric

    Rainbow Reflective Fabric

  • Reflective Printing Fabric

    Reflective Printing Fabric

  • Outer Shell Reflective Fabric

    Silver Reflective Fabric

  • Color Reflective Fabric

    Color Reflective Fabric

  • Gradient Reflective Fabric

    Gradient Reflective Fabric

  • Perforated Reflective Fabric

    Perforated Reflective Fabric

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