Professional Reflective Fabric and Safety Vest Manufacturer in China Since 2003
Chinastars Reflective Products

Chinastars Reflective Products

Marketing influential and professional manufacturer and supplier of reflective material and safety clothing in China. We are engaged in providing the global customers with professional, stable-quality and fashionable reflective products.

Reflective Material

Find everything you need to make your own reflective products, from sew-on reflective fabric to heat applied reflective material.

All Reflective Material

Outdoor Reflective Fabric

New options to integrate safety and fashion, featuring in the active wear and fashion collections to make reflective garments more fashionable.

All Outdoor Reflective Fabric

Safety Clothing

Find safety clothing for all needs and uses, from safety vest to hi vis jackets, from work wear to leisure wear.

All Safety Clothing

Reflective Promotion

Reflective promotional gifts are found here from armbands to key chain, to toys and stickers, kinds of reflective bags also available.

All Reflective Promotion

Reflective Products Catalogue

Below is our reflective material catalogue, outer shell reflective fabric catalogue and safety clothing catalogue, click on the cover to quickly overview most of the products we have now. You can either browse it online or download the catalogue in PDF format.

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