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Innovative fashionable and functional reflective fabric, exclusively produced by Chinastars patented technology.

What is printing reflective fabric?

Composed of micro-glass beads embedded in a base fabric such as polyester, TC, cotton, spandex fabric, etc. with customized patterns. This fabric not only keeps the original characteristics of fabric such as waterproof, flexibility, windproof, but also provides safety and reflective stylish.

pattern printing reflective fabric pattern printing reflective fabric

Custom Reflective Patterns

DIY Your Pattern and Make Your Design Glowing.

Any printing pattern can be DIY by your excellent design, or you can consult our pattern sample below. Please feel free to let us learn about your idea and we will make it happen together.

Custom Reflective Effects

Silver, Rainbow Or Assorted Colors Reflective for Choice

Silver printing is the brightest type among all colors when your eyes catch it in night. The color printing is lower light compared with silver, and iridescent printing is the most fashion and eye-catching printing type, the colorful pattern will make you outstanding immediately when you walk on the street at night.

Choose Suitable Fabric

Applicable to Various Base Fabrics

The base fabric of printed reflective fabric can be customized, you can either send the base fabric to our factory for pattern coating, or provide us the target fabric sample you want, and we'll purchase and send you for confirmation.

Apply It on Your Sports Wear, Safety Vest, Raincoat, Bags, Caps etc.

  • reflective dress with printing pattern
  • reflective jacket with printing pattern
  • reflective bag with printing pattern
  • stunning jacket with reflective printing pattern
  • reflective pants with printing pattern
  • yoga clothes with reflective printing pattern
  • low-weight bag with reflective pattern
  • stunning jacket made with printing reflective fabric
  • sports wear made with printing reflective fabric
  • outdoor running wear with printing reflective pattern

Why Choose Printing Reflective Fabric for Clothing?

  • Applicable to various base fabrics
  • Custom reflective patterns
  • Highly reflective performance
  • Durable washing ability
  • High production efficiency
  • Continuous reflective pattern, width up to 140cm
printing reflective fabric vs silk screen printing

Compare with reflective heat transfer

  • Much lower production cost
  • Continuous reflective patterns with fabric width up to 140cm (width of heat transfers restricted by width of transfer film and press machine)

Compare with silk screen printing

  • Chinastars reflective patterns much brighter
  • Much higher production efficiency (plate hole of silk screen printing easily get blocked)
  • Much better washing performance

Easy Steps to Get Your Own Coating Reflective Fabric

If you only want a free sample.

  • 1. Send Inquiry

    Send your inquiry to us by the online form or email. Our sales will reply within 12 hours.

  • 2. Wait to Get Samples

    Fabric samples and catalogue will send to you quickly, you will receive it within 7 days.

If you provide the pattern.

  • 1. Team Discussing

    Contact us and learn about the design detail with our engineer, we produce a sample of your customized pattern for you to test.

  • 2. Confirm Order

    Contact our sales to learn more order detail if your design looks good. Our factory will arrange your order and begin the production.

If you provide the base fabric.

  • 1. Send Us Fabric

    Send your base fabric to us, or we provide it by your demand. Then confirm the coating pattern, whether it's from your design or choose ours.

  • 2. Check Performance

    We print the pattern on your designated fabric and send to you for test. Our factory will arrange your order if all is well.

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