Professional Reflective Fabric and Safety Vest Manufacturer in China Since 2003
Reflective Printing Fabric

Custom reflective patterns,
make limitless design possibilities

Features & Benefits

  • Applicable to various base fabrics
  • Custom reflective patterns
  • Highly reflective performance
  • Durable washing ability
  • High production Efficiency
  • Continuous reflective pattern, width up to 140cm
printing reflective fabric vs silk screen printing

Compare with reflective heat transfers

  • Much lower production cost
  • Continuous reflective patterns with fabric width up to 140cm (width of heat transfers restricted by width of transfer film and press machine)

Compare with silk screen printing

  • Chinastars reflective patterns much brighter
  • Much higher production efficiency
    (plate hole of silk screen printing easily get blocked)
  • Much better washing performance

Two types of printing reflective fabric

silver printing reflective fabric

Silver Printing

rainbow printing reflective fabric

Iridescent Printing

Multi-application on athletic wear, safety vest, raincoat, bags, caps etc.

printing reflective fabric application

ISPO2020 Textrends Top10 Fabric

ISPO top10 reflective fabric

CSR-RP10 Knit iridescent Printing Reflective Fabric

More printing patterns available

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Series

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