Reflective Iridescent Fabric is the trend of nighttime collocation


In the field of the fashion industry, reflective material has become one of the most common elements in design. On this point, I think you can find a similar item if you open the closet or shoe cabinet. 

The reflective material, which is mainly characterized by reflected light was originally designed to circumvent the risk by using its characteristics at night. But in recent years, the use of this element has become more frequent in the fashion and outdoor industry.

In part, because the concept of "uniform" has become a source of design for many brands, while designing the workwear of a particular professional group as an inspiration, those are iconic. The reflective tapes naturally applied to more single items. On the one hand, it can attract the attention of consumers by using reflective tapes on the garments; on the other hand, it can help the wearer's high visibility at night and ensure safety to some extent. But today we have to discuss more than that, after all, similar reflective garment designs can be seen everywhere in this decade. 

With the development of technology, you will find that similar reflective fabrics are no longer a single-glow form.

In recent years, there has been a reflective fabric in fashion and even street brands. In comparison, the visual effect of the iridescent reflective fabric is much more exaggerated. It is a special reflective fabric. Unlike the ordinary materials mentioned above, it is almost entirely developed for the pursuit of color diversity and individualized needs. However, in principle, these two reflective fabrics are similar. They both use glass beads to reflect the light. The difference is that the reflective iridescent fabric can reflect rainbow colors, not just one color. 

Now Chinastars Reflective has already developed several different kinds of rainbow effect reflective fabric and several different kinds of backing fabric to meet customers' various demands. The most amazing part is that Chinastars Reflective now cannot only just offer the black rainbow reflective fabric, but also different kinds of colors such as white, pink, navy blue, and any color you like, we can do it for you. 

Reflective Iridescent Fabric is the trend of nighttime collocation

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