Quality improvements for rainbow reflective fabric


The rainbow reflective fabric becomes more and more popular due to its attractive iridescent reflective effects against light in dark or low light condition. Designers of lots of famous brands like it very much and the feedback from the market is good and growing.

Meantime lots customers or designers feedback some good suggestion about the rainbow reflective fabric quality. The key is to keep the new product competition is keep improving. So we keep improving our technology of rainbow reflective fabric to meet the various and strict quality requirements from end users.

After hundreds of testing and trial running, we improved the quality of the rainbow reflective fabric. Compared to our previous quality and the market level, we have below improvements:

1. Better and more stable quality of rainbow effects.

From different observer angle, the rainbow effects are always good and iridescent color quality stays stable. And the iridescent quality is good even the entrance light is not very strong.


2.Lighter weight and better hand feel.

The fabric weight after improved is around 200 +/-20 gsm, which is more comfortable for the end user. The fabric hand feels become softer after weight reduced and bonding glue improved.


3.Texture fabric surface and easier for care.

The previous rainbow reflective fabric technology makes it like a mirror on the reflective surface. So it is easy to leave some finger marks on the rainbow reflective fabric which is not good looking for the rainbow reflective jacket. The improved technology makes the rainbow reflective side with frosted treatment and not easy to have to finger marks.


4.Better for production and lower costs

With the improved technology, it is easier for production and the wastage from the production is less. The final production costs are saved.

We are glad to send some new samples for your testing if you are interested in the rainbow reflective fabric. Join us to make your product eye-catching even at night.

Quality improvements for rainbow reflective fabric

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