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Retro Reflective Fabric for clothing

Outer Shell Reflective Fabric

Outer Shell Reflective Fabric Ultra soft, light-weighted and highly visible,
ideal for active wear

Composed of retro-reflective glass beads bonded to a soft cloth backing, such as polyester taffeta, nylon, chiffon, thin spandex fabric etc. It is ultra soft, light-weighted and highly visible, ideal for active wear where soft hand feeling is highly required

Iridescent Reflective Fabric

Iridescent Reflective Fabric Explode with bright colors, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum

Iridescent / Rainbow reflective fabric has been the new favorite of fashion world. It appears black in daylight; While at night when illuminated by light, it is able to show reflective colors at different angles, which is absolutely stunning and eye-catching

Reflective Printing Fabric

Reflective Printing Fabric Keep your loved ones safe with any
reflective pattern

Chinastars reflective printing fabric is an innovative fashionable and functional reflective fabric exclusively produced by Chinastars Patented technology. It is applicable to any casual wear or active sportswear with custom reflective patterns

Gradient Reflective Fabric

Gradient Reflective Fabric A new fashion trend for outdoor garments and fashion wear

Gradual change of color, Perfect combination with silver and color reflections to create a more unique reflective effect, make it ideal for outdoor garment and fashion wear

Color Reflective Fabric

Color Reflective Fabric Silver is no longer your only option for reflective designs

Chinastars color reflective fabric is colors customizable according to pantone No.. It appears in colorful silver at night, inspiring designers to incorporate high visibility and colors into any fashion collections

Perforated Reflective Fabric

Perforated Reflective Fabric Integrate breathability, safety and fashion into multi-sports use

Various reflective fabrics can be perforated to allow better ventilation and get extra breathability. It significantly improves wearers' comfort in hot and sweaty environment to avoid overheat and stay cool, making it ideal for multi-sports use

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Catalogue

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Catalogue

Application of outdoor reflective fabric

Outdoor Reflective Fabric Catalogue

Data detail of outdoor reflective fabric

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