Chinastars New reflective technology


As one of the professional manufacturers of reflective material (including reflective tape, reflective fabric, etc), Chinastars has already kept a close eye on the market trends. As we all know, reflective materials are now widely applied to fashion, outdoor, hiking, cyclist, night running and other fields. Customers' requirements have also become more and more variety. They required that the reflective material should not only be safe but also looks good which makes wearers are willing to accept it. Now Chinastars has developed a new technology that can meet the market demand.

This new reflective technology is called transparent rainbow reflective coating. In recent years, we have to say that the rainbow reflective fabric indeed is one of the hottest sales reflective fabric in the outdoor and fashion industry. It appears black color at daytime and iridescent reflective effect on the flashlight. The backing fabric is 100% polyester or TC. But some customers don't like black color, they want some colorful colors such as white, yellow, pink or navy blue, etc. However limited to the production technology, we cannot offer it.

But now we can do it. We can offer any color which you like! This is exciting news. We have two ways to achieve it. One is customers supplied the backing fabric to us. For example, if you want rainbow reflective fabric at daytime in white color, pls supply us white backing fabric, then we will do our transparent reflective coating onto the fabric, so you will get the white rainbow reflective fabric. The advantage of this kind of cooperation way is that usually we don't have MOQ, both small and big order quantity are workable for us.

The other way is that we supplied the ready-made colored rainbow reflective fabric, customers told us which color they like, then we purchase it and do it. But in this way, if the fabric suppliers have the MOQ for us, then we will have MOQ. Sometimes their MOQ is 1000M, 2000M or more, it is depended on which kind of fabric it is.

Now we have some white, yellow rainbow reflective fabric sample in stock. If customers are interested in our new reflective technology, welcome to contact us to get some samples.

Chinastars New reflective technology

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