UL Certified Reflective Ribbon Tape for Flame-Resistant Clothing


"Recently, several products from Chinastars have passed key safety standards certifications from UL. Among these, one new product stands out and deserves particular attention. Today, we will introduce this market trend product - the Flame Retardant reflective ribbon (FR Fluorescent Yellow Fabric with FR Silver heat transfer tape). "

UL Certified Reflective Ribbon Tape

Flame Retardant Reflective Ribbon: Enhancing Safety and Comfort

Chinastars’ CSR-FRR series of Flame-Resistant reflective ribbons are specifically designed for flame-resistant clothing. These high-performance ribbons enhance visibility and safety in hazardous environments, ensuring compliance with multiple safety standards. According to UL test results, Chinastars’ CSR-FRR251 has been certified to the NFPA 2112 standard, and CSR-FRR262 has been certified to the NFPA 2112, NFPA 1977, and CAN/CGSB 155.22 standards. This certification confirms that Chinastars’ reflective tapes provide reliable and durable flame-resistant protection.



  • Attachment Type: Sew On
  • Color: yellow-silver
  • Backing Material: fluorescent flame-resistant trim
  • Reflective material: silver FR reflective heat transfer film
  • Width: 5*2cm or customized width
  • Reflectivity: 420 CPL
  • Wash Options: Home Wash or Industrial Wash
  • Application: ideal for use in a variety of flame-resistant clothing.

Why choose the FR reflective ribbon?

The FR reflective ribbon is a great safety product designed to improve visibility and safety. This ribbon is breathable, lightweight, and soft, making it comfortable to wear. Its high visibility ensures that the wearer can be seen clearly even in low light, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, the ribbon is flame retardant, providing extra protection against fire hazards. It is perfect for high-risk industries like construction, firefighting, and manufacturing. Choose the FR reflective ribbon for reliable safety, comfort, and durability in challenging environments.

Certifications and Safety Standards

What is NFPA 2112?

This standard defines the performance requirements for flame-resistant clothing used by workers exposed to fire hazards. The FR reflective ribbon from Chinastars has passed rigorous testing by UL to meet NFPA 2112:2023, ensuring it provides effective protection against flash fires.

What is NFPA 1977?

NFPA 1977:2022 establishes the criteria for protective clothing and equipment for wildland firefighting. Chinastars' Industrial Wash FR reflective ribbon has been certified to this standard, confirming its suitability for the challenging conditions faced by wildland firefighters.

What is CAN/CGSB 155.22?

The CAN/CGSB 155.22 standard outlines the performance requirements for workwear used by fire service personnel in Canada. Chinastars' reflective webbing has met this standard, highlighting their reliability and effectiveness in firefighting operations.

Our Commitment to Quality

Chinastars' commitment to quality and innovative and durable reflective material makes it a good choice for customers in industries. Chinastars' certified reflective stripes provide reliable and durable flame-resistant protection when properly applied to FR clothing for workers in hazardous environments.


Chinastars also offers customization options for its reflective materials, allowing customers to choose different widths of reflective ribbons and various washing options, such as Home Wash or Industrial Wash quality. This flexibility ensures that the products meet specific needs and preferences, providing an additional layer of visibility for workers.

The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is also reflected in its excellent customer service. Chinastars' knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is available to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have, and the company offers fast and reliable shipping to ensure that customers receive their products on time.

For more information on Chinastars reflective materials and customization options, pls contact us at [email protected].

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