Chinastars Outer Shell Reflective Fabric


The reflective fabric has been more and more widely used as an outer shell fabric. As the largest reflective fabric manufacturer in China, Chinastars has developed various outer shell reflective fabric featuring in the fashion collections and outdoor sportswear, to provide safety solutions to worldwide PPE as well as fashion companies.


1. CSR-1303-2 polyester taffeta: Economical & Highly reflective

Composed of 190T polyester taffeta fabric with full width up to 55". It is highly reflective with reflectivity > 330 cd/lux/m2 and certified to meet EN 20471, ANSI 107, CSA-Z96 standards. It is not as soft as other soft outer shell fabric, but it's very cost-effective, and a good choice for economical users.


2. CSR-3303-2 polyester Pongee: Economic & Light-Weight

Composed of 190T polyester pongee fabric with full width up to 55" and reflectivity> 250 cd/lux/m2. It's softer than CSR-1303-2 and is light-weighted. An economical choice for the outer shell reflective jacket.


3. CSR-H005 Chiffon: Soft draping & wrinkle resistant

Chiffon backing fabric, full width up to 55", reflectivity > 250 cd/lux/m2. Soft, wrinkle resistant and good hangs down feeling, adding texture and interest to outer shell jackets.


4. CSR-2001 Thin Spandex: Good elasticity & flexibility

Thin spandex backing fabric, Reflectivity > 250 cd/lux/m2, full width up to 55", light-weighted with good elasticity, ideal for sportswear, where soft hand feeling and flexibility are highly required.

Innovation and customization are our new priority. Chinastars is dedicated to providing functional & fashionable reflective fabric series ideal for casual wear.

For the convenience of designers, students or other individual buyers, We can also accept small quantity orders. We can receive payment by PayPal or bank transfer, and send to your place by courier.

Free fabric catalog and fabric samples are available. Pls feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Chinastars Outer Shell Reflective Fabric

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