Reflective sportswear


Summer is coming soon and there are more and more people like running at night. When it comes to night running, it cannot only avoid the sun exposure but also escape the high temperature during the day, so it is deeply loved by runners. However, there is still a problem with night running. Below, I will introduce a few kinds of the night running the necessary equipment.

1. The position of headlights and caps on hats and headlamps is relatively high. They can be seen as very far positions and serve as a warning. In the same hat, it is also possible to make a big fuss. Reflective tape made of the reflective material is attached to the hat and the back of the head so that the front and back can be noticed.

2. night running clothing

Nowadays, many sports brands produce sports sweaters or windbreakers made of various reflective fabric. The entire clothing uses reflective materials. The coated product is generally slightly less breathable and cannot be used when the temperature is high. Recommended running apparel to choose the most eye-catching fluorescent green in the night, many sports apparels in the details are very focused on night running elements to join, in some decorations and logo will use reflective materials, so that the clothing is more eye-catching under direct lighting, car lighting After the enhancement is discernible, the running safety of the runner is improved.

3. reflective accessories

Now almost all running supplies, will consider adding night running factors, we can see full of fluorescent coated gloves, hand-held water bottle bag, waist pack, fluorescent bracelet. Bicycles with some warning light equipment can also be used during running such as fluorescent beam straps and flash tail light. Many sports shoe brands have also launched a night running shoe with reflective material for the night running trend. It is dazzling in color and color matching, ensuring the appearance and also ensuring the night running safety. Shiny factors are not afraid of more. One more will add more weight to your safety.

At night, safety is the most important, and there are no more reflective materials. Let everyone shine, let more people run at night to flash the stars!

Reflective sportswear

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