What is the reflective material

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Reflective material is mainly used in the production of various kinds of reflective signs, vehicle plate, safety facilities, etc., during the day, with its vivid colors have obvious warning role, at night or under the condition of insufficient light, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance the ability to identify the people see the goal, then cause vigilance, to avoid the accident and reduce casualties, reduce the economic loss, become the indispensable safeguard of road traffic, has obvious social benefits. It is widely used in public security transportation, traffic supervision, fire control, railway, coal mine and other departments.

Reflective materials include reflective heat transfer vinyl, reflective tape, reflective yarn, reflective piping, reflective ribbon, reflective safety silk fabric, etc.

Properties and important functions of reflective materials:

The warning signs and reflective clothing labels made from reflective materials are hundreds of times more eye-catching than other non-reflective materials in the light. Gray regression directional reflector with a diameter of 0.5 meters can make the driver find the target within 800 meters under the exposure of the vehicle headlights.

Therefore, reflective material to ensure traffic safety, equipment safety, personal safety has the obvious effect, particularly for the elderly, children, the disabled are more special protection on the road safety, to greatly reduce the number of all kinds of accidents will play a positive role.

Which industries will use reflective materials?

About this, most people think, the application of reflective material is limited to traffic police, change position, rescue, fire control and other special industries. But actually not, many people and industry with outdoor homework or travel needs should use reflective materials. For example, cycling, mountaineering, night running, and even walking in the park should use reflective materials to provide good warning and protection at critical times.

reflective materials

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