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Spread the using of reflective material for road safety

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As is known to all, the traffic police usually wear reflective clothing on duty task, in traffic control it’s to ensure that the car can see him, for collision avoidance, ensure the safety of the traffic police themselves. However, such a kind of protective equipment, haven’t been popularity in the field of civil, because we Chinese traffic safety consciousness is relatively poor. In many foreign countries, reflective material has already started to apply to many fields.

The traffic police department has carried out many methods, spread the using of road safety equipment for a lot of bicycle, children's school bags, such as electric bike reflectors. But the glossy veneer products are sold on the market at present multifarious, the vast majority of for industrial use, and has certain side effects, very few suitable for civilian use. But there are a reflective sticker broke through this process is very unique, in order to suitable for civilian use, on the material, especially chose medical grade material, choosing medical gauze and glue at the grass-roots level, will not leave glue, paste after glance to the real green, health, can stick to the clothes, automobiles, electric bicycle, baby stroller, etc.

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