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Seeing and being seen is essential in road traffic

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With the time change last weekend, many pedestrians are moving at nightfall. This results in an increased risk of the accident since drivers often do not see them well or do not notice them until the last moment. Here are a few tips to reduce the risk of collision:

Pedestrians: Be visible!

Equip yourself with clothes with integrated reflective material, armbands, jackets, reflective tapes for umbrellas, reflective pads - all accessories to be seen from a distance by motorists.

Walk in front of traffic on country roads and wear a compulsory safety vest.

Consider the speed and distance of approaching vehicles before entering the road. Make sure you are seen by motorists.

Put a reflective collar on your dog.

Joggers: be visible!

Bring reflective armbands and wear clothing with built-in reflective elements.

Wear a safety vest which is compulsory if you are driving on the road outside built-up areas.

Cyclists: be visible!

Keep your bicycle lights and reflectors in good condition.

Wear a helmet and a vest or other reflective accessories.

Compulsory cycling equipment :

A doorbell

Two brakes

A white or yellow light before

At least 2 reflectors per wheel or continuous reflective strip on the tires

Reflectors on the pedals

A red reflector

A rear red light

Motorists: be visible!

Turn on the lights when visibility conditions require.

Report your maneuvers in a good time.

Adjust your speed.

Make sure the vehicle windows and lights are clean (in winter cleared of snow or frost).

Take into account the potential errors of vulnerable users in traffic.

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