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Reflective fabric can reduce accident rate for schoolchildren

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Here is news illustrate how importance it is to wear high visibility garment when cross the street, if you worn safety clothing during the way, the accident rate will decline significantly.

Don Lanier of Darlington sent a letter to S.C. Speaker of the House Jay Lucas last week asking him to consider a new law that would require students waiting at bus stops to wear safety vests or clothing made of reflective fabric.

Lanier was driving his minivan when he accidentally ran over Daejah Hough, 15, on March 17.

Hough was lying in the middle of the road after being struck by a Freightliner truck.

Relatives said Daejah was walking with her 6 and 7-year-old brothers to the bus stop when the accident happened.

Lanier said there was little he could do to avoid hitting her.

Troopers didn't charge either of the drivers because they say Daejah was unlawfully crossing the highway. Still, that brings little consolation to Lanier.

He believes if students are required to wear reflective safety vests, the reflective tape on the clothes will enable the driver to see the user earlier, and it will prevent accidents at bus stops.

Lanier explains in his letter to Lucas why he strongly believes safety vests are needed for students. 

"I was recently involved in an unavoidable tragic automobile accident in which a young pedestrian was killed. The young lady and her two brothers were crossing a four-laned highway at 6:30 am on the way to school in pitch dark conditions when a large truck hit her, throwing her into my lane. She was wearing all dark clothes and I did not see her and hit her with my minivan. My proposal, in which I have spoken to the South Carolina Highway Patrol and local community leaders, is that you introduce legislation requesting that the citizens of Darlington County provide for our students reflective safety vests, especially those students on pre-dawn bus routes. As someone who was there I believe that if this child had been wearing a safety vest this horrible accident may have been prevented and that this is a simple solution that can protect and maybe even save the lives of other children," explained Lanier.

Lucas' executive assistant responded to Lanier's letter saying Lucas' legal counsel will get back with Lanier soon.

Lanier is hoping lawmakers will introduce legislation soon requiring school uniform to add reflective fabric for students at bus stops.

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