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Reflective clothing make you easy to be seen

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A vast majority of those car crashes happen at night. Special reflective clothing is supposed to make you easy to see and more safety on the road.

You can up your safety game with the accessories like a reflective wristband or a reflective ankle band. People found that they are highly visibility from 300 feet. And when they move up and down as you’re running or biking, they really stand out.

Consumer Reports tested some options: bike shirts, jackets, and an inexpensive safety vest. There was even a button-down shirt made with reflective yarn. Some of the clothing stood out from the rest and was easy to spot, but some just blended into the night.

It is very important that the clothing you wear can be seen. And the more reflective pieces, the better. And reflective material is inexpensive.

Consumer Reports also checked out heat transfer reflective tape. It costs only about $5, and you can put it on shoes, caps or anything you might wear at night.

reflective heat transfer film

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