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Reflective clothing for biking and night jogging

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Each year, thousands of pedestrians, bicyclists, or joggers are killed by the car accidents. According to statistics, most of these cars accidents happen after the sunsets. It will be easy to spot if wearing reflective clothing.

In order to let people know the importance of wearing a safety clothing. Consumer Reports tested several options: dark color vest, white color vest, and an inexpensive safety vest. It turns out that the safety vest stood out from the rest and was easy to see, it can be seen far from 300 feet, the distance it takes for a car to stop if it's going 60 miles per hour. It's really important that the garment you wear can be seen from the front and the back. And the more reflective pieces, the better. You can also up your safety game with the addition of accessories like a battery-operated wristband or a reflective ankle band. And when they move up and down as you're biking or running, they really stand out.

Hope more and more people can realize the importance of having reflective tape on the clothing and can bring this lightweight safety vest with them especially when hiking, running, cycling, jogging etc

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