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How does Chinastars quality control system work

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As a reflective material leader in China market, we produce reflective fabric more than 13 years. During the 13 years, good and stable quality is the most important issue we concerned and worked. Now our quality control system is running well. Let's see how it works.

The first step is raw material inspection. All the materials we used are inspected before entering our warehouse to make sure the quality of finished reflective material and good running of production.

Second inspection goes along with the reflective material productions. Workers makes records for all process of the production, including the machine condition, any defects, any problems etc..Each lot of reflective material has its own ID number, this number come with itself from production starts until arrive customers.

Third is the inspection before shipment, we make full tests professionally according to the international standards, such as reflection tests before pre-treatment, washing tests for safety clothing, flame retardant tests etc.. All the tests results are updated on our systems and the management could understand everyday production well.

Only after all the tests finished, then we could arrange for the shipment to make sure that every piece reflective tape provides safety to the users indeed.

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