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High speed tunnel accident-prone

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It was informed that last year the proportion of accidents occurring in the high speed tunnel can not be ignored. To reduce accidents, before the end of June this year, The city traffic police station will increase the coefficient of friction of the road surface. It will also install electronic equipment and reflective tape in the high speed tunnel.

According to the analysis of high-speed traffic police, the causes of tunnel accidents has two main aspects. One is free to change lanes or driving too fast. Statistically, about 80% of the tunnel accident was due to drive too fast or driver's illegal lane change, causing rear-end or rollover. And the lack use of safety equipment like reflective vest or tape will also cause this situation.

Second, the lack of driving skills and visual difference. With the gradual opening of the highway, part of the driver on the road driving skills unfamiliar or low, with poor lighting in the high speed tunnel, complex road, easily lead to accidents.

Need to remind that, before entering the tunnel to observe road signs or worker in safety clothing carefully, driving in a tunnel, no special circumstances do not stop. When reach the exit, be sure to slow down to avoid unexpected accidents.

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