Classification of reflective fabric

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The reflective fabric can be divided into two kinds, one is the traditional reflective cloth, and the other is the reflective painting cloth. The reflective painting cloth, also called the crystal color lattice, is a new type of reflective material that comes out in 2005.

Classification of reflective fabric

According to the different materials, reflective cloth can be divided into: reflective fabric, reflective TC cloth, reflective single side elastic cloth, reflective double-sided elastic cloth and so on.

According to the different brightness, the reflective cloth can be divided into: general bright reflective cloth, highlight reflective cloth, bright silver reflective cloth, metal light reflective cloth and so on.

According to structural classification

Standard type: the standard type reflective material is the reflective painting cloth, the quality index is fine, because the reflective index is outstanding, it is the biggest demand in the market.

Wide-angle type: Wide-angle reflective material, expands the scope of the effective reflection angle, widens the use of reflective materials, but the reflective light is slightly lower than the standard type.

Full sky star type: It has a good visual effect. looks like the stars in the night sky., but compared with other reflective product it has low reflective light, this kind of reflective cloth is mainly used in the streets, shopping malls and shops and other urban environment. There are two kinds of products: cloth base and back glue.

reflective fabric


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