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Schoolchildren in Shenzhen use reflective material to improve traffic safety

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Shenzhen Baoan District, an area car accident frequently happens to schoolchildren. The Baoan District Safety Supervision Bureau comes to a solution that adds reflective patterns stickers to pupils’ schoolbags, this method effectively improve traffic safety around the school.

   This small reflective pattern is a circle sticker with a diameter of 8 cm "smiley face". This sticker with a special production process, the surface of the reflective material can reflect car lights allow drivers to timely noticed pedestrians ahead in low visible environment."
     This small smiley face sticker now are widely used in Baoan District, received from parents, schools also aroused public concern, but the survey found,  this reflective material are rarely seen in Shenzhen. The common reflective clothing for security in everyday is rarely used. So educators suggest that should actively promote this kind of small safety equipment of reflective material, so that small fee in exchange for greater security of students.

reflective pattern

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