Why choose Chinastars safety vest


Safety vest are widely used for work places, such as roads, warehouse etc.. The demand of safety vests are huge and continuously. Chinastars have been in this industry over 13 years and we are the leading manufacturer of reflective tape and safety vests.  Compared to our competitor, our price is not the lowest. Sometimes, our customer will compare our price to others and ask why you can't do it.

Let's explain to you. Mainly 2 reasons:

1. Management of production: we are a big company in safety industry and we produce reflective material and safety clothing over 13 years. We pay a lot attention on quality control to make sure our products meet customer's requirements. While there are a lot of small factories in China who also make safety vest, most of them are family business. They buy some stitching machine and employ several workers just to start their business, their costs is much lower than ours. Because they don't have management, no quality control, no labour insurance etc.

Do you trust such factory? Will they be able to solve your problems if any?

2. Materials: EN 20471 and ANSI 107 are the main standards for professional high vis clothing which is popular in most of countries. It includes a lot of requirements, such as reflective tape, fluorescent fabric, style etc. For example, EN 20471 require the reflection of new reflective material higher than 330CPL (entrance angle 5°, observe angle 12′, most important measure angle), some factory just reach this angle reflection and say their material is certified. It is wrong, EN 20471 require for reflection of 16 angles.

   Our reflective tape and fluorescent fabric are EN 20471 certified and we don't cheat on workmanship and materials.

   Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or questions for our product.

Why choose Chinastars safety vest

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