What are the common fabrics for T-shirts?


Summer is already coming. The T-shirt is a necessary garment for the hot weather now. So do you know what are the fabrics that used in T-shirts?

1. Polyester + Cotton

T-shirts are custom-made with two kinds of blending and interweaving. The advantage is a good anti-wrinkle, not easy to deform; the disadvantage is easy to hear, plus two dying, fabric feel hard. The feeling is very soft and thick, and the washing is not easy to deform, but the comfort of the clothes is a little worse than the pure cotton. 65% cotton T-shirt fabric is good, and 35% cotton is worse, the dress is very uncomfortable, and it is easy to get off the ball.

2. Pure cotton

Cotton is a very common custom T-shirt fabric, the price is relatively high, although unlike other high-end custom T-shirt fabrics and that reflective fabric, after processing, the special process but still maintains the natural characteristics of cotton, good skin, good air permeability, good moisture absorption.

3. Mercerized cotton

It is made of high woven yarn through the worsted fabric, and the mercerized cotton fabric is made of cotton. Then singeing, mercerizing of the special processing to make of high quality mercerized yarn with the bright, soft and anti-wrinkle. A high-quality T-shirt tailored fabric made of this material, not only completely preserved natural characteristics of raw cotton, but also has the gloss as the silk. The fabric is soft, moisture permeability, elasticity, and vertical seem good, in addition, the color is rich, the clothes are comfortable and casual, which fully embodies the temperament and taste of the clothes.

With the improvement of living standards, people's footsteps have never stopped. Now many friends like their T-shirts with reflective materials, so as to achieve their own characteristics of fashion and personality.

Take this T-shirt, for example, with bright reflective heat transfer vinyl -made logo,it can highlight your unrelenting dedication to the summer fashion. This bright color is an excellent way to pay to feel to the cool season that you love the most. In the meanwhile, high visibility T-shirt can be captured at night in every situation: and stand out in front of the lighthouses or in a photo! So join us and let’s make it a trend to wear a T-shirt with reflective materials!

What are the common fabrics for T-shirts?

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