The first choice for sports fans - reflective vests


As the rhythm of urban life increases, more and more sub-healthy people become more pressured, and at the same time, people gradually realize the importance of health, and more and more people release stress through running. The team of runners is also getting bigger and bigger, and the security risks it brings also plague many night runners. A piece of high-tech reflective material began to escort the “running race”.

Do not look at this thin layer of reflective vests, although not as warm as down jackets, but this reflective fabric, and even personalized custom reflective printing, but it has a very good protection. "Safety reflective vests cannot only effectively prevent the occurrence of road traffic accidents, but also improve the awareness of employees' own safety." Now with the continuous development of technology, reflective vests made of reflective materials are not only beautiful, but also comfortable, and its fluorescence. The fabric is very conspicuous, very much in line with the aesthetics of young people today, and it is popular among runners. For them, this fluorescent fabric reflects the dual role of both aesthetic and safety.

Reflective vests have become the current trend, for sports enthusiasts, this fabric is comfortable, breathable, and low visibility at night, this reflective vest can also refract light, so that the driver can be far away Within a distance, you can see someone in front of you, which serves as a warning.

The first choice for sports fans - reflective vests

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