Ten points you need to know about fluorescent colors


People would like to apply the reflective tape on fluorescent color fabrics well. Fluorescent colors help you to be seen in the daytime and near dusk. Do you know below knowledge for fluorescent color?

1. They work really well in dull or rainy weather and when daylight is fading. On a rainy day it's hard for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists so it's a good idea to wear or carry something fluorescent.

2. Fluorescent colors look really bright because of the way they absorb and emit different kinds of light.

3. Many people don't realize it but... fluorescent colors don't show up in the dark or 'glow in the dark'.

4. To be seen by drivers at night you need something reflective.

5. To be seen day, dusk and night you need something that is fluorescent and reflective.

There are many kinds of fluorescent color. What is the difference? How to choose the best color?

6. Lots of colors can be fluorescent and used for high vis clothing and bags, not just yellow but red, pink, green and orange too. (These colors are listed on the EN1150 quality standard.)

7. In industry, yellow and orange fluorescent safety clothing is often worn under health and safety laws (for quality standard EN471). You’ve probably seen police officers, postal workers, lorry drivers, builders and refuse collectors wearing these jackets.

8. Lifeboat crews have orange lifejackets; this color shows up best against blue and grey water. What color were your armbands when you learnt to swim?

9. Horse-riders often wear pink as it is a color not found often in nature and so shows up well against autumn leaves. The Safe Lanes scheme in Mayfield, Sussex has even encouraged motorbike riders to wear fluorescent pink so they can be seen!

10. The color blue is not so effective for fluorescent clothing; because of its wavelength it is not good at emitting light and the human eye is not so good at seeing blue generally. So if you’ve got a blue school uniform it’s a good idea to also wear or carry something fluorescent to make yourself seen.

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