Solutions for reflective fabric branded


Reflective fabric is widely used for personal safety garments, sportswear, bags, shoes etc.. With retro-reflective knowledge widely spread and highly acceptance, the demands for reflective fabric is getting more and more.

As one of the biggest manufacturers of reflective fabric in Asia, we offer several solutions to make reflective fabric with customized brand /logo.

1. Silkscreen printing on the reflective side of the reflective fabric

This method is widely used for reflective stripes with customized logo to emphasize the brand name and brand logo. The logo could be colored and the maximum of 4 colors printed. It requires for printing set up costs and not too much to start. The silkscreen printed logo will cover the reflective material which will reduce the reflective area when the logo is too big.

2. Roller printing on back fabric

This method is mainly used for reflective fabric branded for some reflective material distributors. The costs of backing fabric printing are cheap and won’t have a big difference for the final reflective fabric. The roller set up costs are a little higher than silkscreen printing and take longer leading time. The printing color could be colorful. The most popular color is gray which is the same color as the reflective fabric.

3. Roller printing on the front reflective side

Compared to print on the back side, printing on the front reflective side makes your brand visible after sewing which is better for branding promoting and identity. Meantime the printing won’t affect the reflectivity. Printing on the front reflective side makes requires for simple artwork like letters. The color could be gray only. The printing set up costs is the same as the 2nd option.

4. Laser printing on the reflective side

Compared to roller printing on the front reflective side, laser printing is more delicate, it could make a very thin and complicated logo perfect. Furthermore, laser printing doesn’t require the model set up costs, it is controlled by the computer. Laser printing also won’t affect the reflectivity of the reflective fabric. But the costs of laser printing are the highest of the 4 solutions. More logos you placed per meter, the costs increased.

We could recommend the suitable solution according to your purpose and inquiry. Please don’t hesitate to contacts us for the customized branded reflective fabric.

Solutions for reflective fabric branded

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