Seven tips for night runners


  In contemporary life, people pay more attention to health, yoga, swimming, cycling, running, dancing. There is no doubt that running is the most common way of exercise in our daily life.
    People are always running outside, but since daytime training isn't always an option, runners need to take extra precautions to avoid the dangerous in the evening. We're out there with only the thickness of our T-shirts to protect us. There's no body armor involved in the sport of running. It is very dangerous. The car is going to win. Wearing reflective gear on your arms and legs, rather than on your trunk, a reflective vest are also a good choice and it’s important since drivers are more likely to see the reflective or glowing light when it's in motion. But night running not only presents potential vision problems for drivers; runners' vision is poorer at night, too. Potholes, branches, wire fences and slippery leaves are all difficult to see, particularly as dusk becomes nighttime. Runners training at night should also adhere to other common sense guidelines as below:

1.Wear a billed cap and clear glasses.
2.Wear clothing with reflective tape; don't wear dark colors at night.
3.Vary your routes.  
4.Run against traffic.
5.Try to make eye contact and acknowledge a driver.  
6.Run behind vehicles at intersections.
7.Run with a partner.

Seven tips for night runners

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