School uniforms use reflective materials


This year, more than 1,300 freshmen from middle school in Hangzhou received four new uniforms of their own. However, students found that the uniforms were made of reflective material, which reflects light as soon as it is shine. The students were worried that if they sat in the classroom, their eyes would blink.

However, a lot of net friend analyses hind to think, everybody thinks much, in fact, reflective school uniform is the same as the traffic police uniform, ring guard uniform, it is out of safety consideration, for the student to get on and off the school road safety.

Yesterday afternoon, the relevant person in charge of the school of Hangzhou said that the reflection mark of the new school uniform is the speculation of preventing puppy love, which is sheer nonsense, said the head of the new high school students school uniform is some PTA is responsible for implementation of procurement, considering the students go to school early periods or evening self-study periods, the late in winter, when there is a car light illuminate to school uniforms, reflected light can attract the attention of the driver, to slow down and give way ahead of time, a warning role, so as to ensure the safety of students.

As for the reflective school uniform, Mr. Zhang, a parent of the school student in Hangzhou, thinks that the school uniform is covered with a luminous cloth, and the driver can see it in time when he comes home at night whether he is walking or cycling, which is good. However, some parents worry that if the reflective cloth sticks to the school uniform, it will be used to glue, formaldehyde release will not exceed the limit.

According to the introduction of the uniform production enterprises, the production according to the nationally recommended standards will not blink. The reflective fabric on reflective school uniform has strong anti-reflection property, can reflect the light in the direction of light source only. The student sitting in the classroom won't be flashing the eye. The position, way, and craft of the reflective cloth paste are in full accord with the requirements of national standards. Reflective compared to normal school uniforms, school uniform is to ensure the safety and to consider beautiful, the cost must be at least 20 RMB, but for the sake of safety, many schools have adopted the reflective school uniforms, the government also encourages enterprises to production Hi-vis clothes according to standard.

School uniforms use reflective materials

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