Reflective raincoat


These days, the temperature plunges because of a succession of rainy days. Many road workers just like a policeman, road builder dress in the reflective raincoat, they will get the worm and not get wet.

So why are reflective raincoats so hot? What are its advantages?

As we all know, on rainy days, especially in the dark, the light outside is very weak. This can seriously affect people's visual ability. Whether going out for a ride, walking or running, wearing a traditional raincoat in rainy weather is difficult for all kinds of drivers on the road to see, so it is easy to have a car accident. This is also one of the important reason for frequent traffic accidents in recent years. So the risk is very high.

Reflective raincoat, on the basis of ordinary raincoat, according to the relevant provisions of the production of a raincoat for traffic safety. Around 360° in a raincoat, namely, his chest, hands forearms and feet position such as calves to join the reflective article, a reflective material, reflective 360° security guards for you. In color, reflective raincoats have three colors to choose from: military green, orange-red and navy blue. On the other hand, in addition to the diversity of colors, reflective raincoats made of breathable fabrics, which are comfortable to wear and will not feel particularly hot and stuffy even in summer. 300D waterproof coating oxford cloth, strong waterproof impervious, regardless of wind and rain, it will be close to accompany around, is the most secure choice.

Also, reflective raincoat suits can extend the amount of light they reflect from several kilometers in the presence of light. Strong visibility at night. Visibility over long distances reduces the risk of being invisible at night due to darkness.

Raincoat is the best tool for outdoor use in rainy days, it is convenient for people to ride, there are many drivers to choose and buy. Rainy weather is gloomy, the light is weak, so wearing an ordinary raincoat on the road there is a certain danger. Reflective raincoats can avoid these situations, which is one of the biggest advantages of reflective raincoats.

In addition, reflective raincoat with waterproof hat, for the body and head of the coverage is more comprehensive, convenient movement, vision is broader. At present, this raincoat with reflective strips has become a popular safety clothing on rainy days. We also hope that the awareness of safe travel can spread to every family and everyone.

First, precautions for reflective raincoats:

Do not wash reflective raincoats with water or detergent.

Reflective raincoat once does not wear had better be wiped with a dry towel after hanging with a hanger in shade natural air, do not blow in sunshine bask in.

Second, Reflective raincoat storage method:

Contraindication and all sorts of grease and acid-base material such as oil, edible oil, gasoline are stored in one place.

Transportation and storage must have a cover, prevent sunlight insolation, and prohibit open storage, or because the stack is too high and under pressure, in order to prevent adhesion aging.

Storage should be two meters away from the heat source (steam exhaust furnace, etc.), in case of heat aging deterioration.

Inventory reasonable temperature should be kept -20℃ - +30℃ between, long-term storage should be often tenements, ventilation, and a small amount of talcum powder coated with the surface of the film, at the same time should also be in accordance with the order and outbound, master the principle of "first in first out" to prevent prolonged folding cause mildew and aging metamorphism.

Collect when reflecting raincoat, can hang hanger or line of white paper newspaper in metope hind fold up with OPP bag had been installed, such deposit time is long also won't produce agglutinate fold.


In addition to wearing reflective clothing correctly, it is also important to wash and store them. An important point is, had better be to choose hand to wash, cannot put washing machine and other dress to wash at the same time, and should soak with lukewarm water, reflector belt should avoid its gravity to rub, cannot insolate below sunshine, avoid reflector belt to fold excessively as far as possible when depositing, can extend the service deadline of reflector garment.

What we need to pay attention to is that reflective tapes on the reflective garment cannot use too much strength to rub, otherwise, reflective glass beads will fall off easily until there is no reflective effect. When we clean reflective clothes, we can choose to use water and cloth to wipe gently, but not too hard.

When you discover the reflective of reflective garment is abate or reflective effect disappears, you must change new reflective garment, the change time that suggests normally is half a year less than, and summer because illumination is stronger, air temperature is higher reason, suggest 1-3 months should change, in order to assure optimal warning protects the effect.

Of course, only maintain the correct cleaning method can enhance the service life of reflective clothing, so that its reflective protective effect remains strong! When we choose the reflective clothing brand and manufacturer, we should ask the manufacturer for details such as washing frequency and matters needing attention, so as to ensure that our products have a higher cost performance.

Reflective raincoat

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