Reflective printed fabric


In the past, the application of reflective fabric on reflective clothing showed a singularity and less style, and more inclined to functional applications. However, with the development of society, people's living standards and appreciation of taste have also been greatly improved, people's requirements for reflective fabrics will be higher, in addition to satisfying the functionality and more hope to incorporate some fashionable elements. This can be accepted and used by more people. The new reflective printing fabric will also help the company better expand the market. The new reflective materials will be more and more valued with the voice of customers.

The new type of reflective materials with fashion elements mainly include soft reflective fabric and reflective printing fabric. Our soft and full-reflective fabric combines reflective coating technology with various fashionable fabrics (polyester, nylon, chiffon, and thin elastic reflective fabric). The new reflective fabric also exhibits a light texture and soft touch. It is very comfortable to wear and widely used in a variety of casual sportswear. Our reflective printing fabrics made of our patented fancy composite coating technology, which can be used to combine custom reflective patterns onto any fashionable fabric. Compared with traditional thermal transfer technology and reflective printing technology, Hangzhou Chinastars fancy reflective coating technology has obvious advantages, such as low cost, high production efficiency, high reflective brightness, good fastness, and good hand feeling. Compared with the traditional reflective materials, the new reflective materials will be more widely used, which not only has a good reflective effect but also plays a more beautiful and fashionable role. So this fabric loved by more night runners.

Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective has been focusing on the research and development and production of reflective materials for 15 years. The self-developed reflective printing fabrics and soft all-reflective fabrics have been recognized by customers. Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective is your safety and fashion "Companion". It can also bring you fashion while escorting your safety.

In addition to landscaping and decorative functions, reflective printing fabric also has reflective properties and a strong "eye-catching effect" that can be used to make safety clothing. Want to be both stylish and safe, and of course choose the clothes made of reflective printed fabric! This will protect your safety to a greater extent, especially at night, wearing such clothes is the shining star in the night! Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective focus on the reflective business for more than ten years, the reflective category is complete, looking forward to your visit!

Reflective printed fabric

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