Reflective pattern printing fabric


With the continuous improvement of the performance of reflective materials, the continuous progress of reflective products, and the public’s deeper understanding of reflective products, the original form of the reflective tape, reflective heat stickers, reflective warning clothing, and other forms are monotonous, monotonous in color and thin in the category. The product has been unable to meet the requirements of the public.

The public's demand for reflective fabrics is no longer limited to one element of safety, but more to the pursuit of aesthetics, comfort and other higher quality enjoyment.

Based on this demand, we started to develop a new product:

1. For the aesthetic appearance of this element, due to the restrictions on the brightness requirements of reflective products, color and other forms of expression have great limitations. Our company decided to start from the aspect of patterns, to make up for the monotony of color in the form of various forms;

2. For comfort, this element is mainly reflected in the choice of fabrics. Based on different substrates, our company develops a variety of different production process standards through various tests, so that the products on the substrate are no longer limited to the commonly used substrates of the conventional products.

Our company has developed a new product - reflective printing fabric. The product can be applied to the customer's requirements for different graphics and fabrics, process matching and standard formulation based on the graphics and base cloth provided by the customer, and it can be applied to many kinds of fabrics at present.

The following are our existing patterns and their finished products:

Reflective pattern printing fabric

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