Reflective clothing is needed for riding in the dark


Riding bike is one of the most efficient, convenient and green forms of transportation, mostly equip themselves with a reflective vest for safety. It is amazing that there are many places actually illegal to ride a bike in some situation. The most funniest area should be Baldwin Park, California, where has a prohibition to ride a bike in a swimming pool, and the saddest country can be North Korea, Since the mid-1990s, the dictator Kin Jong II has declared it illegal for Women to ride bicycles.

In Texas, 2015 session, there is a HB 3255, which would prohibit riding your bike after dark without wearing reflective clothing. If cyclists ride bikes without reflective clothing, they might face a maximum fine of $250. Some people do not agree with this bill, and they list an example to explain why. "Imagine riding the bus to a friend's house and borrowing their bike to ride home after the bus service stops running. You've got bright front and rear lights, but if you didn't pack your mandatory reflective clothing, you'd risk getting stopped by the police and issued a citation - essentially punishing you for your choice in clothing and mode of transportation."

In my opinion, riding bike in dark without reflective clothing meets with drunk driving. Both actions are not reliable and safe in concentrated control. In HB 3255, the fine is not the most important; the essential point in this bill is to increase the safety awareness of cyclists; since the reflective tape on the clothes can increase enough visibility for drivers on the road. For the disagreement they argue, I can say if people prepare some high visibility clothing in their house because of the law, and then the cyclists will not worry about being unable to ride bikes at night, because they can get reflective clothing anywhere.

Reflective clothing is needed for riding in the dark

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