Ramadan for muslim from June- July.7th


Since summer season started, it was Ramadan for muslim, during this period, all of the muslim in the world will not eating anything even water from sunrise to sunset. They can break fast before sunrise, and after sunset. Sometimes they have to get up in mid-night in order to have have some food storage in stomach, to keep them activity in daily life.

In Ramadan, it seem so some of our clients in Pakistan ,Dubai, Lebanon and Middle East market only working less hours for working, so If they want to order reflective tape or safety vest in order to keep demand of the market will not be stopped.

Some of the musilm will go to temple for prayers in night time. During prayers, everyone keep silent, no phone calling (phone silent) no discussing, they give all their heart to their god. The strong faith in the heart will keep calm in their daily life.

As to be a tourist in Turkey years ago, still remember if one (not muslim) want to go to mosque to have a visit, you have to cover yourself probably. You have to use one scarf to cover your hair and face. And keep silent during visit. Mosque seems something similar as church. In mosque. You have to put off your shoes too. Muslim will pray 3-5 times per day to thanks there god.

Chinastars attended one trading show ISAF SAFETY & HEALTH (Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Exhibition)

  In Turkey in 2015. July. We have some clients in turkey who have order reflective tape in past years, in order to develop high visibility safety clothing in Turkey market, we attend the fair to show lot of reflective material and clothing in the booth it seems it was good to let clients know your company for attending a show. Sometimes face to face talking and meeting will be much better for understanding than emails.

Back to Ramadan, fast will finish on July 7th All the muslim will have a feast for ending of Ramadan.

Ramadan for muslim from June- July.7th

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