Potential crisis for reflective fabric and clothing factory in China


Since labor cost increased sharply every year in China, more and more reflective fabric and high visibility clothing importers from the world will transfer their factory to other Asian Countries,like Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh in order to save labor cost and get more profit.

Below is news from BBC for growing production line in Bangladesh in past years. For High visibility safety garment and reflective material, some of our clients have established their factory in Vietnam and Bangladesh. Reflective fabric export to these countries increased since 2014. If more and more factory were removed to neighbor country,China government have to find out the way to solve the problem in order to keep society stable and keep economy increased. But good news for Chinastars, daily production line is busy every day, we get lots and lots orders for reflective material in past months, in order to meets market requirement, one new factory is being processed, maybe will take into production in coming news.

Today, up to 20 percent of the 3,500 exporting garment factories subcontract, says the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA).

If that support system crumbles, some factory owners worry Bangladesh's $24 billion industry could lose the agility that took it to number two in the global league of garment exporters. Since Rana Plaza, nearly two-thirds of the country's exporting garment factories have been inspected. Many have been handed lists of structural, electrical and fire safety fixes and upgrades that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Larger factories can generally pay for those changes independently, or have access to a growing number of affordable financing arrangements backed by wealthy customers. Hundreds of smaller factories do not, leaving them exposed at a time when owners say they are grappling with a slide in orders and an increase in minimum wages for the industry's workforce of more than 4 million.

Already about 450 factories have gone to the wall since last year's disaster, the BGMEA says. "If all the factories are becoming big, who will do the smaller things?" said Anwar-ul Alam Chowdhury, chairman of Evince Group and a former BGMEA president. "Then who will come to Bangladesh?"


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