Night running equipment - reflective clothing


It's a good thing that more and more people enjoy running at night because of the busy work during the day, but without effective prevention measures, there are more and more dangers. Search buzzwords like "night running killed" are constantly appearing on our homepage, and various media and tuba remind us how to avoid danger and what to do when going out. But the danger of running at night goes beyond that.

Because it is dark at night and the weak light cannot be changed, so night has become a time of frequent traffic accidents. When we go out for night running, even under the light, there will be blind areas. If we don't pay attention, we can't see them all.

So how do we avoid running at night?

Reflective clothing and reflective tape can play a highlighting warning role in the night, can remind the driver to pay attention in advance, effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents, and is a necessary equipment for night runners. Hangzhou Chinastars reflective material Co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of reflective clothing, for your night runs safety escort!

The reflective part of the reflective coating is made by using the principle of refraction and regression of glass beads with a high refractive index and of refraction of lattice micro rhombic with the advanced process of focusing. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminescent spot, whether in the day or night have good optical properties of reverse reflection. Especially at night, the visibility is as high as during the day. Using high visibility safety clothing made of reflective material, whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in a light or scattering light interference, can more easily be night drivers found. The emergence of reflective materials has successfully solved the problem of "seeing" and "being seen" during the night driving.

In the production and life of human beings, especially in traffic engineering plays a special role in security protection. The reflective clothing, the reflective vest is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, steel industry, mechanical industry, petroleum industry, ambulance, parking lot, airport, the traffic police and outdoor work or construction, etc., is a very good security alarm products.

Night running equipment - reflective clothing

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