NFPA 2112 certified FR reflective tape


FR reflective tape is a kind of functional tapes, combining retro-reflectivity function and flame resistance functions. Firefight reflective tape is widely used for industrial use protective clothing such as firefighting, mining, oiling industries.

In general, FR reflective tape has two kinds of backing fabric including the cotton base and aramid fabric. Cotton base FR reflective tape is the economic choice which is treated FR quality. Aramid base FR reflective tape is higher quality compared to the cotton base.

For highly visible protective clothing, the FR reflective tapes are continuous silver, yellow- silver-yellow and orange-silver-orange. And the popular size of the FR reflective tape is 2” and 3”.

The quality of FR reflective tape is ANSI 107, NFPA 2112, NFPA 1971 certified and highly accepted by the American market. The retro-reflectivity quality is ANSI 107 levels 2 quality. The reflectivity for a new product is higher than 420 CPL which is much higher than ANSI 107 requirement 330 CPL. Washing capacity is higher than 50 cycles based on ISO 6330 @ 60 degrees. The flame resistant quality is certified under NFPA 2112, NFPA 1971 by UL.

Furthermore, FR reflective tape with perforation become more and more popular because of perforation the FR reflective tape breathable which is very important to protect the user from the heat sweat during working in hot environment.

In the meantime, the customer could also add their customized brand name onto the FR reflective tape to enhance their brand influence. Laser printing on reflective tape has no bad effects of the reflectivity and flame resistance. And laser printing has no set up charge for the logo creating.

If you have any question about the FR reflective tape, please feel free to contact us. Except above sew on FR reflective tape. We also have another choice of iron on FR reflective heat transfer vinyl.

firefight reflective tape

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