How to wash and store reflective vest


Recently more and more people are aware of the necessity of wearing reflective clothing. The reflective clothing and reflective materials can bring great benefits to people in both life and work.

Many people consider the reflective clothing is disposable clothing, could not reuse again. As a matter of fact, it could reuse many times. You could wash it when it is dirty and dry it, then wear it again. But if you do not take care of it well, it could be scrapped soon.

Therefore, how to keep the reflective vest is very important. Firstly, washing the safety vest is very important. The best way is hand wash. And you could not wash it with excessive force. Because reflective strips on reflective clothing cannot be rubbed with excessive force, otherwise reflective glass beads can easily fall off until there is no reflective result. When we wash our reflective clothes, we can choose to use light water and cloth to gently wipe, but not too much effort. If you have to machine wash, you should wash it separate with our things. Because there are glass beads in the surface of the reflective tapes. And the reflective tape reflection are depended on the glass beads. So many factors could influence the reflective vest use time, such as mutual friction, temperature, illumination, humidity, time and so on. The second important thing is lay up your safety vest. You had better store it in the in shady and dry place, as the sunshine and humidity will affect the property of the reflective tape. Another thing is avoid over-folding the reflective tape during storage. This will extend the service life of the reflective clothing.

When we select reflective clothing brands and manufacturers, we must ask the manufacturers about the number of washings, precautions and other details to ensure that their products have a higher cost performance. Only the correct cleaning method can make the life of the reflective clothing be enhanced, and its reflective protection effect can remain strong! So how to wash and store the reflective vest are important to the use times.

How to wash and store reflective vest

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