How to choose a suitable reflective clothing


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more workers are struck and killed by safety clothing construction equipment than by any other type of vehicle. The instances of these types of accidents can be greatly reduced by wearing hi-viz clothing. However, it’s imperative to properly care for and then replace hi-viz clothing when it is no longer serviceable. The following guidelines will help you do just that.

1.Get the Right Fit

While safety clothing that’s too tight can be uncomfortable, clothing that’s too loose can be downright dangerous. Loose sleeves can get caught in moving equipment while loose pants can become a fall hazard. Correctly-fitted clothing is not only safer but more comfortable, too.

2.Read the Care Label

Each piece of clothing should have detailed care instructions on the label. You may be surprised to discover that certain pieces of reflective fabric can only be washed a limited number of times before it is no longer serviceable. This information will be on the care label and should be strictly adhered to. Once the garment has been washed the set number of times, it should be replaced.

3.Get the Right Clothing for the Job

Not all safety vestis created equally. If you are working near flames or sparks, make sure your clothing meets proper fire resistance guidelines. Otherwise, your clothing may catch fire.

4.Know When to Let Go

Safety vest only effective as long as its safety features are still in good working order. If a vest becomes stained with grease or dirt, it is no longer reflective and should be replaced. Similarly, if a safety vest is still in good condition but has become faded, it should also be replaced.

Keep these tips and guidelines in mind to get the most out of your hi vis vest.

How to choose a suitable reflective clothing

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