How to choose a good reflective clothing


There are many kinds of reflective clothes sold in the store. They have different styles, different functions, and different prices. The question is, how do you distinguish good from bad when you want to choose a suitable reflective clothing.

The national standard is clearly stipulated in the reference range of reflector distance, frequency of washing and reflector width. The national standard GB20653 provides the reflection distance is 330m, if you wear a reflective distance of only 100m clothes, although there is no difference from the near point of view, but you give other people's reflection distance is greatly shrinking, In the case of emergency, other people's reaction time is less, the chance of accident is bigger, danger often happens in those 1 seconds or even microseconds.

Some reflective clothing can achieve a reflective distance of 330m, but due to the lack of processing. Glass beads are easy to fall off. This led to the fact that some reflective clothing did not reflect light after several times of washing. Therefore, longer reflective distance and the more time of washing, the better the quality of reflective clothing is

According to the GB, reflective material in reflective clothing is more than equal to 5cm in width. Seeing this number. I believe that many people will find that there are many reflective clothes that are not up to standard. Because below this width, reflective material is difficult or impossible to meet the national standard requirements of 330m or more reflective distance.

Over a decade of effort, Chinastars Reflective has now become the largest and professional manufacturer and supplier of reflective material and safety clothing in China. We are engaged in providing global customers with professional, stable-quality and fashionable reflective products.

How to choose a good reflective clothing

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