How do I wash my reflective clothes


People often wonder that the reflective clothes I bought are expensive, but don't know if I can wash them or how to wash them.

As a night protection, reflective clothing is a treasure for outdoor workers. But it's also like ordinary clothes, which can get dirty when worn. Therefore, many people in the unit hair reflective clothing, or buy their own reflective clothing, they will have doubts: reflective clothing can be washed? If allowed, how can I wash it?

First of all, how did the reflective suit come about? You don't know if he can wash a reflective suit until you know how it's made. Normally, reflective clothing is composed of base material and reflective material flat-fell seam, the basal material is what we call the fluorescent fabrics, color is commonly fluorescent yellow and orange, this is a reflective class standard of GB20653 color, good color is also a warning during the day.

The answer to our original factory is: can wash. But have the limit of wasting time.

Common dress has high and low rank, so it’s some of the reflective clothes. Of course, this distinction is mainly reflected in the belt, there are domestic, it is imported, there is national quality, and so on. Go shopping and search for reflective vests. You can find hundreds of pages of results and prices range from $5 to $10.

Good quality reflective clothing, because of its reflective material good adhesion technology, so that it can support 30-50 times of washing, or even more. And inferior reflective clothing, which can bring about glass microbeads to fall off in large quantities, reflective performance also can disappear completely naturally.

Therefore, Chinastars recommended that outdoor worker in the purchase of reflective clothing, need to ask the merchants, how many times their reflective clothing support washing? Is there a trademark, listing, whether the product has been tested?

Whether reflective clothes can be washed mainly depends on the reflective tape. If the answer is satisfactory and the price is acceptable, buy it quickly. In addition, if you are a company director, just can see this article, I hope you can offer to your staff purchasing standard reflective clothing, on the way to work for them the real add a layer of protection.

How do I wash my reflective clothes

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