Features of motorcycle safety vests


There are many different kinds of safety vest on the market for you to choose from. However,which one is the most appropriate one for you? We offer a few different features for you to look for when you deciding which one to buy. 

1. Reflective tape:

Most of the reflective vests have silver reflective strips across the front and back. The reflective tapes increase your visibility, and improve your chances of being seen in low visibility conditions like dawn or dusk (360 degree reflectivity optimize the performance of safety vests). Different tapes have different level of reflectivity; choose the right one according to your situations.

2. Color

Usually a safety vest is in a bright color (Fluorescent yellow, Fluorescent green and Fluorescent orange in common), but you do have a choice to choose what color you like. Although some of these colors may be more visible to the human eyes than others, any bright color will help you to be seen in daytime. There’s also some reflective vest in dark color, it only improves your visibility in nighttime, but not daytime. If you choose to buy a dark one, please ensure you will not drive in a high speed in daytime, or put on a bright color clothing inside of your reflective vest.

3. Protection

If you’re not going to be wearing a padded riding jacket, then you might want to consider purchasing a vest that has built in crash protection. Some of these vests have padded sections on the front and back that will help cushion your muscles and spine in the event of a crash. You might also want to look for ones with heavy duty material on the outside to resist disintegrating when dragged across the ground.

4. Water-proof

When it is raining, wearing in a water-proof jacket is significant. A water-proof vest will help you ride more comfortably if the weather turns bad. In addition, when it is raining, the rains will obstacle you vision or other people’s vision, so you need an enhanced reflective raincoat for increase your visibility.

5. Seasonal

Different safety vests match different seasons. If you’re riding in summer, then you may need a lighter weight vest with mesh fabrics inner, which will keep you cool and refreshing. If you’re riding in winter, a reflective coat with heavier-weight material may help you more.

6. Fit

Some reflective vests are adjustable, not only on waist, but also on shoulders. A suitable safety vest with reflective fabric can make you more comfortable, and will be suitable on you in different seasons.

Features of motorcycle safety vests

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