Chinastars Reflective Materials introduction


What are the types of reflective materials? The reflective material is a kind material which widely applied to the safety equipment, uniforms, overalls, masks, shoes, safety clothing, and high-tech products closely related to the lives and property of the people. Chinastars as a leading professional manufacturer has aimed at providing all kinds of stable qualified reflective tapes for various workwear since 2003.

As is known to us all, reflective materials made of a high degree of reflective glass bead which is produced by an advanced process of concentrated post-treatment. It can directly reflect light back to far away light, with good retroreflective optical properties, no matter day or night. Especially at night, as the day plays the same high visibility. As you can, reflective tapes cannot reflective itself, it must have the light source, then reflective the light back, in this way, to give the warning signals to the passing by traffic vehicles. By sewing or heat transfer this kind reflective tapes into the high-visibility safety garment, drivers can more easily find the wearer far away at night, even the wearer is in a remote location, or in the case of light or scattered light interference. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the problem of driving "night" and "being watched". Therefore the reflective materials play a great role in protecting people's safety vest, that's why more and more factories begin to use the reflective materials onto their products to enhance the wearers' high visibility especially at night or low visibility environment. Here are some amazing features of Chinastars Reflective Material:

1. Good Reflection: Our silver reflective fabrics' reflection can over 500CPL. The higher reflection, the better reflective effect. In this way, it can enhance the high visibility much better, ensure the drivers can find the passengers far away in time.

2. Full Angles: Chinastars reflective tapes can meet all kinds of the international standard such as EN ISO 20471, ANSI 107-2015, CSA-96 / AS/NZS standard. We can guarantee that our reflection can pass the data from 16 angles, some reflective tape factory can only pass 14 0r 15.  What's more, our test report and certification is issued by professional third-party test lab such as Satra which are approved by professional customers. For our FR reflective tapes, we can reach the UL standard, in China, only a few factories can reach the UL requirements.

3. Various reflective materials: Chinastars has a full ranges of materials, we not only manufacturer sewn on or heat transfer reflective tapes for workwear but also supply all kinds of reflective materials for outdoor sportswear or fashion wear such as our new rainbow reflective piping, rainbow reflective fabric, pattern printing reflective fabric, heat transfer reflective logos, etc. With the development of people's living standards also science and technology, now more and more customers required the reflective product should not only be a safety but also looks good. That's why we developed these kinds of new reflective fabrics.

4. Widely application fields: Chinastars reflective material can be used as reflective accessories such as reflective piping around the garment's edge or small width reflective tape such as 5cm, 3cm for workwear garments, gloves, caps, shoes, etc. Our reflective materials can also be used as outershell reflective fabric to make the whole reflective jacket etc Also we can customize according to customers' requirements.

5. Customized reflective fabric is highly welcomed: Although, we have many different standard backing reflective tapes to offer, such as polyester, TC, stretchable backing, flame retardant, to offer and have many different quality levels to meet various demands. But sometimes customers still have some special requirement such as changing the backing fabric into the one they need or changing the color into the one they need, as we are the manufacturer, so it is highly welcomed also. Our technical department will check and evaluate it and try to meet customers' demand as the best as we can do.

Chinastars has exported our reflective materials since 2003. Our research and development department always keep a close eye on the new market trend and then develop some new products each year to meet customers' demand. Our production department and quality control department pay great attention to the quality issues. We hope we can share a splendid future together with you. If you have any inquiries, welcome to contact our sales team to get our latest catalogs and discuss in details, I am sure that Chinastars will be your best choice.

Chinastars Reflective Materials introduction

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