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Asia Outdoor was held from 27th.June - 1st.July in Nanjing China. It has cooperated with Germany and China since the year 2006, professional exhibition for “Asia outdoor”, it includes a tent, outdoor garment, pants back cover and also sleeping bag, everything that related to outdoor.

Except, PPE exhibition, Chinastars also attend each kind of outdoor show, like the early year 2018 ISPO  Munich and also ISPO 2018 Beijing, we have focus attention on outdoor field for years, some of the reflective material is wide to be used as out shell of the garment, like H002, H005 soft reflective fabric is the most popular reflective fabric to be used as out shell fabric for outdoor garment.

At the same time, some of the clients will purchase thin stretch reflective fabric as out shell fabric, with much more bright color, and soft hand feeling, some of the clients will be used it as out shell as down jackets.

From Asia outdoor show, we can see lots of famous sports brand like Adidas. New balance, NIKE, you can see they have added some reflective elements on their garment, pants and also shoes. With the reflective on the garment, not even bring fashions and also make people safe in a dark area when you are jogging, it can save people life if some accident happened.

You can use reflective heat transfer vinyl to design some reflective logo and heat applied it on a garment, one advantage of the heat transfer logo is that there is no logo set up charge compares to traditional silk printing even in small qty. Like 50pcs or 100pcs. Additional silk printing do not have any reflective on it and if the quality less than500pcs, they always ask one logo set up charge, but if you choice reflective heat transfer logo, no set up charge at all, you can design any logo you needed, silver color, grey color and also colorful one, all is available.

If you have any requirement for reflective material, please feel free to contact us.

Asia outdoor

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