Application of reflective materials


Reflective materials, as the hottest star in the fashion world this year, have fully demonstrated the basic cultivation of popular elements. So today we will understand the application of reflective materials in other traditional clothing.

Since the birth of reflective materials, they have been committed to road traffic and construction safety. It wasn't until the 1980s that everyone began to focus on the civilian sector, especially in apparel.

A. High visibility warning clothing

Reflective materials used in high-visibility warning suits are usually glass bead type, which is composed of bright fluorescent materials and reflective materials. Because of its dual effect of fluorescence and reflection, the wearer can form a sharp contrast with the surrounding environment, whether it is day or night (or low visibility), and it is clearly visible to the personnel.

Due to the special nature of the profession, coupled with the promulgation of the national policy, warning clothing has become a profession in major industries, such as public security, fire protection, sanitation, first aid, transportation, petroleum, and petrochemical, or dangerous goods. Safety clothing is an indispensable personal safety protection product for a specific person's work and life.

B. Sports and leisure clothing

With the rapid development of the urban economy and the accelerated pace of life, more and more people choose to go out of their homes at night to exercise and social activities. Due to the low visibility at night, the personal safety hazard is large, and sports and leisure clothing with nighttime visibility function has emerged.

This casual sportswear with reflective fabrics use a variety of reflective materials and techniques - some use reflective fabric cutting and splicing, some use film scalding, use machine laser cutting graphics, design and make different shapes. The reflective pattern of the style, some parts are partially lined by adding a reflective zipper, webbing, or reflective yarn to create a better aesthetic and reflective.

These reflective fabrics, while improving their aesthetics and fashion, pay attention to their functional features of improving visibility at night, which can better meet the real needs of people.

C. School uniform

According to the national standard of "Sports Safety Reflective Uniform for Primary and Secondary School Students" issued by the state, the school uniforms of primary and secondary school students must be under the illumination of the light source, and have strong anti-reflective performance, which can significantly improve the wearer's discernibility of primary and secondary school uniforms.

In order to improve the personal safety of primary and secondary school students, it is repeatedly mentioned in various standards that the reflective standards of school uniforms are clearly defined. The front and back of the school uniform top, the side, and back of the double sleeves, and the reflective fabric on both sides of the trousers should be sewed (posted) to ensure that the reflection on the uniform can be observed from any angle within 360 degrees. And the position and cuff of the double-sleeve reflective cloth should not be less than 50mm, and the reflective cloth on the top should not be completely blocked by the student bag.

In addition to the above categories of clothing, reflective materials also widely used in other clothing, from hats to backpacks, from rain gear to shoe materials, there are more directions for us to choose, but also create a broader prospect for us.

In today's reflective materials market, product applications are becoming more widespread and targeted, and countries around the world are using regulations or incentives to promote the use of reflective materials. Western countries such as Europe and the United States use the standard use of reflective materials as an important basis for insurance compensation. If the working conditions are bad or the environment is dim, the staff must wear high-visibility clothing. In the rain, fog, snow, night and other sights are poor environments, the elderly and children must wear reflective vests or wear signs or clothes with reflective materials.

With the development of society, people's living standards have gradually improved, also their awareness of safety protection has improved. The reasonable application of reflective materials on clothing cannot only improve the aesthetics and fashion of the garment, but also enhance the functionality of the garment, and can play a warning role in the event of an emergency and improve the safety factor. The application of reflective materials in apparel will gradually expand as people's safety awareness increases, and cannot be measured in the future.

Application of reflective materials

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