A reflective vest for chicken


I do not know anybody discovers this, with the expansion of the reflective material application, reflective material is not only used in road traffic, construction, sanitation or personal, more and more people will choose for their pets to equip with reflective clothing in order to prevent traffic accidents and increase pet activity safety.

The British Omelet animal food company designed a reflective vest for the chicken to avoid a car hit on the road. This vest is made of Flections temperature controlled material which is known for its high insulation performance. Paul believes that not only the pet cat and the pet dog, but the chicken should also beloved by the owner.

The British people have a strong love for poultry. So that he can't have the heart to let his chicken run on the street in the wind and snow. They will spend a lot of time picking clothes for their own poultry in the online shop, and some even try to see the clothes on their own. This reflective vest is made of super light reflective material. It can be strongly reflected by the strong light of the car and reminds the driver to be careful with the chicken.

A reflective vest for chicken

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