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Why the sanitation workers have to wear reflective vests

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We have noticed that many sanitation workers in the front-line work have reflective clothes or reflective tapes in their work clothes. However, many of my friends do not know why they should wear these things. Today we will give you the reason.

The reflective fabric can be used in traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, protective clothing and other garments related to human life and property safety, but also can be used to make rain gear, reflective raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes, and hats.

The reflective fabric has good reflective properties. Due to the wide angle of the surface of the fabric, excellent light reflection can still be achieved when the light is incident from a point of view with the appearance of the reflective fabric. It can reflect the direct light from afar to the light, no matter whether it is in the day or night, it has an excellent retroreflective optical function. Safety vests made from this high-visibility reflective fabric can be easily spotted by night-time drivers even if the wearer is in a distance or disturbed by light or scattered light.

After reading the above information, surely everyone should have already understood the specific information in this area. If there is something that you do understand, don't worry. You are welcome to consult us.

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