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Why reflective vest are fluorescent yellow and orange normally

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Our common safety vest is fluorescent yellow and fluorescent orange, but do you know the reason why these two color is so popular in safety vest?

These two types of light have a very strong penetration. The specific reasons can refer to the traffic lights. Where there is light, the reflection light of such color can be extended for several kilometers, which is more intensive than other colors within long-range and especially visible at night.

Of course, there are dark blue or deep color applying on reflective clothing. These colors have the strong characteristics of light absorption. They will be highly visible when sewed or ironed with reflective strips. This type of color reflective uniform used in small outdoor usually.

We are the largest manufacturer of reflective material and safety vest in China. Our offered tapes are appreciated for high reflectivity, better seal-ability, and heat and moisture resistance flame retardant. Our products are certified by accredited, independent third-party laboratories to ensure that our products meet the specified performance criteria imposed by the international standards.

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