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What clothing is reflective material suitable for

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Nowadays, many people wear cotton, silk, lace and so on. And I found that some people's clothes will reflect the light even though the light is very dark. Today I want to introduce reflective materials on our coats.

It is not only better than other brands of similar goods in the reflective effect but also has a wide angle, that is, when the light is incident on the surface of the reflective fabric with a large point of view, it can still achieve outstanding reflective effect, with excellent aging resistance and wear resistance , can wash or dry-clean, not easy to fall off, after continuing to wash, it can still maintain the original more than 75% of the reflective effect.

Reflective fabric is widely used in reflective vests and straps, work clothes, jackets, rain gear, reflective raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes, and hats, etc. It is also possible to cut characters or screen printed trademarks and drawings. Reflective fabric is a high-tech commodity that is widely used in traffic safety equipment, uniforms, work clothes, foils, protective clothing, etc. and is closely related to the safety of people's lives and property. It can reflect the direct light rays from afar to the light-emitting place, whether it is on the day or Outstanding retroreflective optics are available in the evening. The winter work clothes made of this high-visibility reflective fabric can be easily found by night-time drivers regardless of whether the wearer is in a remote place or is disturbed by light or scattered light.

Reflective fabric is very common in everyday life, and the clothes of reflective materials give us a safe guarantee.

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